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At The Whitefield School

Whitefield, NH

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Here you will find information on the musical happenings of The Whitefield School, including descriptions of our various singing groups, concert dates, and private lesson schedules.


"The Winter Wind"


The winter wind came blowing; he wasn't very nice. 

He blew away the autumn leaves and turned the pond to ice.

The winter wind came singing; his song was loud and shrill.

He howled and moaned the whole night long outside my window sill.


The winter wind came knocking one hundred times or more.

He opened wide the garden gate and rattled at my door.

The winter wind came laughing, as he roared into town.

He scattered all the apple crates and turned them upside down.


The winter wind came dancing, and with him came the snow.

They danced upon the mountain tops and through the town below.

The winter wind blew fiercely, but then, the strangest thing,

He said goodbye with just a sigh and we said hello to spring,

and we said hello to spring.